A New Year

Hi. This is where I plan to post interesting, informative, useful content. Bold, controversial and humorous thoughts. That’s what I PLAN to do. What actually will appear here likely won’t be any of that.

Come for the amazing audio stay for the entertaining blog posts.

The new hockey season is here and while I really haven’t followed the NHL in several years, I think I’ll start watching again. I have never been a Leafs fan (even though I live in Toronto) so I’m going to find a team to call my own. I was once a huge NY Rangers fan because of Ed Giacomin. When I was about 9 years old, I attended the Al Arbour Hockey School in Copper Cliff Ontario. I was fairly new to hockey and didn’t skate well and when they announced another goalie was needed, I volunteered. It was Ed Giacomin who found some equipment for me and taught me how to put it on properly, and personally coached me throughout the practices. The week’s session ended with a scrimmage game. Halfway through the game my team was losing umpteen to 2. Mercifully the coaches swapped goalies at that point and my new team won. By a goal.

Al Arbour was there of course, as was Frank St Marseille and Gary Sabourin who all played for the St. Louis Blues. So the Blues were a favourite team also. I was very upset when they lost the ’69-70 Stanley Cup Final to the Bruins. After two previous tries vs. the Habs I thought third time was the charm. Nope. Bobby Orr.

Some time between now and January 13th I’ll make this momentous decision. I know you can’t wait.

Stay safe and look after each other.